West Darfur

West Darfur

The western-most state of the country, West Darfur is located between latitude 10.694 (S) and 14.983(N) and longitude 21.813 (W) and 24.715 (E). It borders North Darfur State to the north, South Darfur State to the south and south-east, the Republic of Chad to the west and the Central African Republic (CAR) to the south-west. The total length of its international borders is 760 km. The area of the state is 55,158.17 km2. West Darfur’s capital city El Geneina is located about 1,646 km by road from Khartoum

The state covers an area of 79,460 km2 and administratively divided into 15 localities with the total population of 1,377,137that expected to reach 1,606,440 persons by 2016 and estimated livestock load of 13,416,226 that expected to reach 16,600,082 by 2016. Due to the current emergency situation, the state has a total of 899,611 IDPs. Agriculture and livestock represent the main economic activity in the state







Project InterventionsPeaceBuilding

  • Situational Analysis conducted
  • Communication strategy developed and disseminated
  •  Radio messages broad casted
  •  Formation of Water Users Association

 Future Search Conference:

Attended by 72 participants from wide range of concerns b odies such as Naive administration, Pastoralists Union, Farmers Union, Nomads commission, Department of range, Water corporation, 

Training of 23 Media personnel:


Livelihood support

Demarcation of Nour –AbuGedad  Livestock route with length of 148 KMs, along the localities Serba, Krtenek and Jebel Moon.

Establishment of 2 Multipurpose development centres (MDCs) in  Serba and Kreenek

Rehabilitation of One Hafir in

Abu Geneifid in the localities Kreenik-Serba-Jebel Moon



Income generation activities (IGAs)

for  210 beneficiaries  (Community Animal Health Restocking, Cheese making, Leather Industry (handicrafts), Food processing, Bread  making etc


Food Processing in West Darfur








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